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Ready Mixed Concrete, or RMX as it is popularly called, refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer's construction site in a freshly mixed and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete itself is a mixture of Portland Cement, water and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone. In traditional work sites, each of these materials is procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at site to make concrete. Ready Mixed Concrete is bought and sold by volume - usually expressed in cubic meters. RMX can be custom-made to suit different applications.


Ready Mixed Concrete Quality

We use Plasticizers to increase setting-time, Plasticizers or dispersants are additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of the material to which they are added; these include plastics, cement, concrete, wallboard, and clay. Although the same compounds are often used for both plastics and concretes the desired effects and results are different. Plasticizers for concrete increase the workability of the wet mix, or reduce the water required to achieve the desired workability, and are usually not intended to affect the properties of the final product after it hardens.

Quality of Concrete - Assured

Strength - Cubes are cast at the plants as well as the site. Customer can therefore ascertain that the concrete he receives at his site had required minimum strength.
Durability - Scientific design mixes to ensure better durability of the structures.
Work Ability - Slump will be tested at the time of pour. Required slump will be ensured.
Test Certificates - Issued for the 7-day and 28-day testing of concrete.
Quality Assurance Certificate - Issued against each days of concrete supplied.

Quality of Service - Assured

Time of Delivery - Deliveries made within the stipulated time.
Post - Sales Service - Ensures customer is totally satisfied.
Hand Book - Detailing the requirements at the site before and during the pour and on the post-pour care to be taken by the customer/site manager.